Gareth Risdale is a freelance video designer and production tech, working on live events and performances. Over the last twelve years he has worked on all manner of productions; corporates, festivals, arena events, national commercial touring and site-specific contemporary dance. Having previously worked full time as a Technical and Production Manager in a HE owned theatre for over three years, Gareth has brought to light technical concepts ranging from the beautiful to the bizarre - projecting on to walls, floors, ceilings, doors, people, water, gauzes, smoke and rolling screens - anything from live feeds to underwater video footage, HD images of Moscow and 3D stereoscopic sculptures.

Since then he has worked in venues across the country, from the smallest theatres to the biggest arenas, offering a skill-set stretching from lighting, to video and content creation, to rigging and CAD design, to pyrotechnics and effects, to production management.
Hippocritter for hire
If you're looking for an experienced and reliable freelancer, would like to discuss your next project, or just sound out the feasibility of your next concept, you can contact Gareth by email:

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