Composite Light & Magic

Gareth Risdale is a UK based designer and production manager who specialises in the conceit and technical realisation of multi-media live events and their mobilisation on tour. His early career was working in receiving theatre, before production managing a multi-million pound new build for DMU. His technical background underpins creative thinking; finding solutions for productions that are flexible enough to meet the challenges of theatre touring. He has been employed on a diverse range of projects and events, including Kate Bush’s "Before The Dawn", A$AP Rocky, the iTunes Festival, Two Thirds Sky’s "Eventide", the Six Nations rugby tournament and the televised Manchester City FC championship celebration. Gareth has worked closely with RIP Productions Ltd on the creation of their touring portfolio; generating the theatrical and technological context for Champions of Magic, Jamie Raven, The Hollywood Special Effects Show, Jamie Raven, and Graeme of Thrones.

If you're looking for an experienced and reliable freelancer, would like to discuss your next project, or just sound out the feasibility of your next concept, you can contact Gareth by email:

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